Friday, August 13, 2010



We proudly present to you the CTRacer Global "All-Out Joint Event Raffle Promo" this event is Sponsored by MOL and Wallie and with the participation of
MMOSITE, MMORPGhispano,, CGENETWORK, OnlineGamez.Au, and UBerLeak


1.    Just register an account to the
       following;(MMOSITE, MMORPGhispano,, CGENETWORK,
       OnlineGamez.Au, and UBerLeak

2.    Then Click the CONTEST or EVENT  ICON

3.    Search for CTRacer "All-Out Event Raffle Promo"

4.    You will be given a raffle ticket number

5.    Then click on the URL below the Raffle ticket number.

6.    You will be directed to CTRacer Global Event Page

7.    Follow the instruction below for your Raffle ticket to be valid.

Steps on how to validate your raffle ticket

1.    Register an account to CTRacer Global by clicking this <REGISTER>

2.    After registration send us an email providing the following information listed below,
       to our Q&A  by clicking this the HELP Icon found on top of the menu bar
       Title: CTRacer Global "All-Out Joint Event Raffle Promo"
       Registered Email:
       Raffle Ticket number:
       Raffle Ticket number referrer :(example: came from MMOSITE)

4.    After completing the steps mentioned above, wait for an immediate reply from our GMs
       saying that you're ticket number is validated.

1st Prize = 1 IPOD Touch 

2nd Prize = 1 MMO Racing Wheel

3rd Prize = 1 IPOD Shuffle

4th -10th = Consolation Prizes of CTRacer Global's CTR-S5 (New Car) + 5,000 CT Cash each

Limited of 1000 Tickets only! So what are you waiting for??? Grab this wonderful opportunity! Who knows you might be the lucky one who gets some cool prizes.
Start getting your raffle ticket this August 17 - 30, 2010
And tune in for announcements regarding the winners on CTRacer Global's forum under event winner section on August 31, 2010


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