Thursday, August 12, 2010

My recent Pictures

Hi to all of my followers and especially to all of my viewers!
i just wanted to add my recent photos and to share it as well.  Expect more of my personal photos as i update my personal blogsite...

This picture was taken when my Human friend thought that i was a squash..  From that experience i learned how to diet...

Oh i can't forget this scene, twas my first kiss with my first Girlfried

When i was a little green tomato.. my friend whom i always spend my time with died because he was eaten by a big black bat

Oh this is embarrassing! This photo was taken when i am undergoing my first haircut
From left to right...Timmy, Me and Tommy
Me, and other two best friends witnessed a tomato massacre.  My poor best friend Timmy is now undergoing treatment becauseof trauma 


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