Monday, August 9, 2010

Sex Party in World of Warcraft

Days ago while browsing the net..i saw an forum topic on world of warcraft, where an angry father posted an entry in World of Warcraft. The poor son’s account was canceled by his father because of this constantly sex event holding on Moon Guard server.  regarding the sex party which has happened in Goldshire Inn on Moon Guard of

Below is the entry on World of Warcraft forum:
World of Warcraft
Not that it will matter, as I'm sure I'll get trolled, but I wanted to drop a line, as I did in the cancellation box, that I cancelled my son's account. He's 15, and I've found him to be very trustworthy. We allow him access to play usually 1-2 hours a night, max, if he chooses.

Tonight, he had some friends over for the night. When It came time to wrap it up, I went into the comp room to find my son and his friends huddled over the monitore, laughing like school boys will.

Apparantly, they had heard about and discovered Goldshire Inn on Moon Guard. I myself had heard of it's reputation, but after scrolling up and reading the chat, I never thought it was as bad as I was reading.

I cannot begin to tell you how displeased I am with the absolute lack of server/ToS follow up regarding this abominable server. Line after line, having absolutely NOTHING to do with RP: sexual emotes, gay bashing, racial comments....I sat there speechless.

And please don't tell me about the ignore button, I am well aware of that feature. The fact that this behavior goes on CONSTANTLY on this server is disgusting, and I will not allow my son to "discover" any more servers such as this.

I understand that this is a T for Teen game. However, as I said, we trust our son, and playing WoW is a reward for his good grades in school. We have all parental features enabled. I took screenshots, but there's no point in sending them because I'm sure they weill be disregarded.

As a paying customer for 6 years now, I just wanted to voice my extreme displeasure regarding this disgusting server. IMO, it should be shut down.

T for Teen is one thing. What goes on in Goldshire on Moon Guard is apalling and beyond offensive.

Both my wife and I are very sorry to punish our son by cancelling his account, as this really wasn't his fault. However, we cannot allow our son access to a game that is not monitored for the very rules you so vehemently say you enforce.

Thank you for your time.


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