Thursday, December 16, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV: Sad News...

Due to continuous decrease of players, Square Enix (Company owner of FF XIV) decided to extend their trial period definitely. At the same time the release of the PS3 version of the game will be delayed.

Major reconstruction of FF XIV team and leadership has been made to ensure improvements of the game. It is sad news indeed that this epic game is not doing well for I’m a huge of the Final Fantasy, but still there are still people waiting for changes and are continuing to play the game.

I want to point out one problem that I encounter with this game and that is I have to make some major upgrade to my PC just to run the game smoothly. Achieving their minimum requirement maybe hard on other people and may hinder them to play the game.

Source >> Lodestone Final Fantasy XIV

Saturday, December 4, 2010

UWO Newbie Guide

Lesson One: Choosing a class/job

            InUncharted Waters Online (UWO) you choose your class at character creation;however, the choice is far from permanent. That does not mean you should notput at least a little thought into your character.

            The mostbasic classes, the ones that you start in are the “Learner” classes. These areextremely basic classes that most people will want to leave with all due haste.The classes and their starting skills are:

Adventure Learner: Sail Handling, Surveying, Search

Trade Learner: Accounts, Storage, Escape

Military Learner: Swordplay, Gunnery, Repair

            Each ofthese sets of skills are nicely suited for each of these playstyles. If youthink you will enjoy sailing around the world, searching for artifacts and lostcivilizations, go Adventurer Learner. If you wish to dominate in the economy,and amass fortunes, Trade Learner is usually the place to start. If you preferto just shoot other ships, until they die, nothing wrong at all with goingmilitary learner.

            If indoubt, I say you should choose adventure learner, because the skills it comeswith are some of the nicest skills to have when getting used to traveling inUWO. They are not mandatory, but they sure feel great.

Lesson Two: Choosinga Nationality for Traders

            Technicallyyou make this choice first while making your character, however this is purelygoing to be from a min/max point of view, if this is not your cup of tea, thenskip right past this section and choose the nation you prefer the most.

            Also, as ofright now, this is going to be based purely on function of trading, so moreadventure interested and battle-ready players may wish to skip right past thissection.

            Thelocation of your capital, territories, and placement on the world map givenmany variations in which countries are good for what. I am going to layout somevery basic themes here. Here I’ll make comments based on the “crafting” typesof skills and how different towns can affect them.

Cooking: A pretty self explanatory skill, most nations haveready access to different methods and items that excel for cooks, however theonly one with a nice early game advantage would be Portugal, due to its ready accessto pigs, which can be flipped quite readily for a tidy profit right out of thegate.

Suggested Nation: Portugal (though any can do thisquite well)

Suggested Supporting Skills: Livestock Trading, FoodTrading, Storage

Also Helpful: Handicrafts

Sewing: Sewing, the art of making sails and clothing, is apretty odd craft, early game sewing, is dominated by Venice right now due tothe plucking route very close to their capital, although this is a very niceroute, and very profitable in all ways, the Dutch will definitely get my nodfor currently the best access to supplies at all levels, from right out thegate straight to India.

Suggested Nation: Netherlands(Venice and England also can do very well)

Suggested Supporting Skills: Textile Trading, FabricTrading, Dye Trading, Livestock Trading

Also Helpful: None, the above skills are really all you’llneed to excel at sewing.

Casting: Casting is a Northern Europe dominated profession,Hamburg, a town constantly being fought over by England and Netherlands ishands down THE town for Casters for cannon making as well as leveling. Castingcan earn very nice experience while leveling, and very good profits. It sadlycan NOT earn fame at a decent rate while leveling.

Suggested Nation: England/Netherlands (nobody else canreally compete)

Suggested Supporting Skills: Mineral Trading, Wares Trading,Handicrafts

Also Helpful: Metal Trading, Firearms Trading, WeaponsTrading, Sundries Trading, and Collections

Storage: Storage is a great skill, the main benefit ofstorage is not usually considered its crafting, and one with no clear winnernationality wise at all. Storage is exceedingly useful in prolonging thelifespan of items in multiple ways.

Suggested nation: Any

Suggested Supporting Skills: Fishing, Food Trading, Cooking

Also Helpful: Livestock Trading. Procurement, Collections

Handicrafts: Handicrafts is the ultimate “support” craft, asit synergizes well with all the other types, of crafting skills, it is also THEskill for alcohol crafting and makes the majority of the utility items we allknow and love. Due to its advantages with Wine, I am going to have to give Handicraftsto the French.

Suggested Nation: France (all can exceed quite well)

Suggested Supporting Skills: Food Trading, Alcohol Trading,Wares Trading

Also Helpful: Procurement, Collections

Lesson Three: Schoolis your friend

            The mostimportant thing for all new players is this: Finish School.I suggest that every person should finish all beginner courses as well as theintermediate courses for all three types of characters.

            It can beboring, especially if you’re like me and like to play multiple characters, asit becomes a little dull clicking through everything at times, but the payoutis worth it. As a player new to the game, the experience and fame rewards arefar and wide worth it. In addition you end up with a nice selection of jobchange cards, which will not a finite resource, are always nice to have.

            Advancedschool is something I also think everyone should complete eventually, as itreally does help prepare you for the life of that type of character. It alsohelps you to make friends by encouraging you to team with others.

Lesson Four: Setreasonable goals

            The largestenemies to the players in a game like UWO will be burn-out and beingoverwhelmed. Take baby steps, aim for one or two skill ups or levels a night.Don’t try and do everything at once.

            Some goodstarting goals:

            Finish acourse of school

            Discoverall ports in your area (Great Fame for Adventurers)

            Get a newship

            Invest in atown to unlock access to books (Great Fame for Merchants)

            Start afleet with friends, almost universally useful

            Fight somerandom enemy pirates (Great fame for Battle Types)

            Aim forlevel 20, so you can attain your first Aide

            Advance your national storyline.

            HAVE FUN!

Lesson Five:Questing, Reporting, and Discoveries.

            Completingquests can rapidly accelerate your leveling and fame gaining when donecorrectly. One of the most favored ways of completing quests is to take a questthat sends you someplace, then take another quest that sends you back again.This is a great tactic! However, something few people realize is that allquests except the ones from school can be turned in at many waitresses aroundthe world, especially in most larger cities. The waitress will need to like youfor harder quests to be turned in. Easiest way to increase a waitressesrelationship is to give her gifts. It may seem silly at first buying an 8,000Ducat item just to give to a waitress, but if it lets you turn in a quest worth50,000 and then obtain a quest heading back that same direction, its money wellspent.

            Discoveries:Adventures live and die getting discoveries, each type of discovery has a fewdifferent specific people who will give you much better rewards for that type.For Example, The Duchess in Genoa, and John Deeis London bothgive great rewards AND they give you a Quest Mediation Permit whenever you turnin a Port Discovery.

Well that’s it for now, if people find this helpful I willadd more to this.