Easy Ducat Earnings

This is not my own guide. I just modified and elaborate more of it to fully understand how to execute this guide and also it is updated to the *********’s Uncharted Waters Online. I give my thanks to the original uploader of this guide which is what I find very helpful.

Note: This is only for Traders that choose The Netherlands as their country.

“This simple guide is to help new Netherlands players make some easy ducats (In game Currency) at the start, and will not work as well for players from other countries. You have to start as a trade learner to utilize this guide.

Step 1.
For new players, please take some time and talk to all the HELPERS in the city before you start your school tutorial. They can give you some usable items. The order is as follows:
School--Market--item Shop--Craft store--Tavern--Bank (you'll receive 10k here)--Company Admin Office --Governor's Mansion--Mercator Estate—Shipyard (When you speak to the helper he will tell you to go to the Library, He is talking about the) –Archives (When you speak to the helper in the archives he will say to go to the Archives maybe a bug but proceed to)--Port (Harbour)

Step 2.
After you finished all the talking, Go the Merchant Guild and look for the task which requires you to deliver 4 barrels of ham to Den Helder. You can buy the Ham in the Market of Amsterdam. You can get one Merchant's guild card when report back.

Step 3.
Go back to your Merchant School to get another Merchant's guild card by finishing the School Quest or get graduated. Or you can find another trade learner to share the 4 barrels of ham quest, so you can do it again and get another guild card.

Step 4.
Go to your Merchant Guild Master and Use 1 Merchants guild card to become an Animal trader and learn the skills: Livestock Trading, Food Trading and Caution. Trade between Amsterdam and Den Helder until you have livestock and food trading reach lv2. Trade only livestock (Sheep and Chicken) and food (Ham, Poultry, etc) from both towns also check the prices to which is more favorable or highest profit to get. After that...

Step 5.
Use another merchant’s guild card to become a Yarn trader and learn the skills: Textile trading and Sewing. Buy a recipe book named Fabric secrets--Hardware at Item shop.

Step 6.
Go to Den Helder and buy all the chicken and sheep. Use your Sewing skill to turn them into feather and wool then go back to Amsterdam to sell them. Keep trading and sewing between Amsterdam and Den Helder until you reach sewing lv2.

Step 7.
Go to Groningen and buy a recipe book named Shipwright basic--Sewing book from the craft shop then go back to Amsterdam.

Step 8.
Buy all the Hemp Fabric and turn them into Spare sail by using your new sewing book. The spare sail costs 2 Hemp Fabric and 5 Vigour to make. The Pedlar will buy it for 1606D in Amsterdam and 1900D in London. The downside of selling Spare sail is that you will not get trade exp from it. However, while sewing the spare sail and you get a “great success” which consist of 2 spare sails you will gain trade experience from it.

Step 9.
Keep trading fabric and sewing until you are satisfied with your earnings.”

Extra Tip:
- Buy a Transport Small Caravel asap.
*Transport Small Caravel needs Adventure Level 2 and Trade Level 4 that costs 92,000 Ducats. It has a hold capacity of 126.

- Fabric is going to be the main source of your profit. If the profit is not good enough, you can go to Calais and sell them there. Gin, Dutch Calico and Feather are considered special goods in Calais which means you will get double Exp. And when in Calais get the Dried Apples which is considered special goods in Amsterdam.

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