Monday, July 19, 2010

Perfect World Game review

Perfect World Game review

Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment
Playerbase: High
Graphics: High Quality
EXP Rate: Low
PvP: Open PvP / Realm Wars [Guild Vs Guild]

As a hard core gamer, I have a high rating when it comes to the game that I will be playing.  When they said online game, I really am looking forward to the graphics, game play, character involvement and many more.  A friend referred me to this game, and as an Asian, it caught my attention seeing the characters in the game.  The theme looks closely like to an ancient Chinese civilization.

I started creating my character after a tremendous signing/ filling up forms needed to have an accounts.  I started to be amazed upon seeing the character customization panel, where undergoing in this will somehow have a unique character.  From head to toe, all things are customizable. Make body parts big small, all sizes and colors and even hair styles..  I wanted to create a Chuck Norris look-a-like character but I can’t perfectly create a Norris clone
After the customization, I created a human Wuxia
Wuxia's are close combat warriors who are potent with or without weapons. They are swift, agile and quick to attack and evade assailants.
Wuxias as swordsmen weigh themselves on chivalry and the mastery of the different fighting arts through continuous practice and training.
They are balanced both on attacking and defending enemies; plus their knowledge of the uses of different kinds of weapons, superior physical attack prowess and mastery of the fighting arts, brings forth a deadly combination of power and speed that makes the Wuxia a formidable foe to contend with.

While playing the game I actually noticed the awesome graphics of this game, it doesn’t give an eyesore to the first time players.  All graphics are well-polished, the grass, falls leaves and trees are more close to reality. 
At first I just thought the game has a glitch in character actions, coz I have seen an insanely character jumps from where I am standing going to the roof of a house.  And I tried it and for my surprise, my character too is insane…LOL characters have the ability to use dual jump.  Pressing space bar twice.
Mount? Well, its also awesome!  Actually I got amazed when I finally got the chance to ride a mount.  For me it’s a huge flying sword, I saw others using their skill to shape shift into a fox and other character has a build in wings 

The server has a very slow experience rate where I spent nearly 1 month just for reaching level 47, though I enjoyed doing their quest.  But sometimes questing confuzles me

Pros: +Top-notch graphics, +Innovative character creation, +In-game radio, +Flying mounts, +Plenty of GM Events, +Good music
Cons: -Dull combat, -Uninspiring quests, -Slow-paced game play, -Only six playable classes


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