Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tactical Intervention GAME REVIEW

Subject: Tactical Intervention
Tactical Intervention (2010/ENG/Beta)
English | PC | Developer/Publisher: FIX Games | 3.40 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person / MMOFPS Massively Multiplayer online First Person Shooter game

Being developed by one of the original Devs behind Counter-Strike. Great map designs.  From the game graphics players who are addicted on counter-strike will be nostalgic upon seeing this game, it looks similar to counter-strike in which is where it is derived. 
Graphics are smooth and low specs computers will be able to experience the challenge of this game
Gameplay is quite exciting for having two additional feature from the traditional counter-strike game, the game have 2 main innovations to offer – a dog and a hostage who looks like exactly a humans attitude or reaction on every danger and also the players can rapel thru walls, and take the fact the snipers can’t use the time for sticking themselves on walls waiting for opponent, the game only last for 2 minutes.

No firm release date (Expected Release Date is sometime in the Second Half of 2010). -Very similar core gameplay as other tactical MMO shooters. 

From the comments that the game received on youtube, it seems that the game is a much awaited game especially to those people who got addicted on counter-strike; this game will have an edge on the market if it will be release soon.  Since the teaser page was posted on some social network sites, players are still posting their comments on it till present.

Hacks such as: Speed hack, Cheat engine, 1-hit-kill and etc
But based on the game itself and on its developer, I think it is close to impossible to hack this game since it already has an advance technology. 


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