Thursday, July 15, 2010



Subject: CT Racer

Developer: Mobil Planet
Genre: 3D MMO Racing
Category: Free MMORPG
Platform: Windows

When I’m into console gaming before, racing is one of my favorite games to play, but since I got myself introduced to pc games, I always wanted to play grinding MMO games. 
Did you get a chance to play NFS (need for speed), and other hi-fi racing game? This game surely is closely related to them, racing to battle, winning races and etc.  But there are things that fascinate me in trying this game.
As a starter, they will give you a default car which will be your starter car throughout the game.  You can either continue this by buying performance parts like engine, suspension, carburetor and other performance equipments or you can just buy a much faster car by gaining tech points.  Tech points or TP can be obtained by winning race battles or you can do quest.  In race mode there's either Downhill battle, which is basically just a race, or head for the championship races which require a fee to enter.  What amazed me is the quest, where you can either choose to chase race cars as a police or be chased by a police car.  Another quest is to have a mission to get as quick as possible to the given location.  Gain cash points by joining events or literally buying top up cards from convenient stores.
Car customization gives you more close to reality where you can upgrade or change the looks of your car, from neon lights to decals, custom steering wheel, headlights and etc.
You can also just roam around the town and listen to the build-in mp3 music, you can also engage other players to duel.

- Unique MMO Experience
- In-game MP3 player
- Events are hosted often
- Community is welcoming and friendly.

- Navigating can be frustrating
- Some things are translated poorly
- Not many people to do the races with.


Sky Octo LNB said...

CTRacer is a MMO racing and has been for a while 'time. I am curious about this game devolper who make this game and how it run smooth as silk.

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