Sunday, July 25, 2010

Martial empires GAME REVIEW

Subject: Martial empires
Genre: Fantasy
Status: Open Beta
Dev: CR-Space
Pub: gamigo
Fee: Free
Area: EU
Asian themed game launched by Gamigo is spectacular game that surely has the quality to compete with other high-end games launched in the market.  Martial empire was inspired with an Asian touch in which will be close-to-the-heart by many Asian hardcore gamers.

The main strength of the game comes in package where players will truly enjoy. 
***Graphics - having a high end graphics is truly remarkable and from my point of view it can be closely related to the well-known games, graphically wise, it can be compared to Aion, Aika, World of Warcraft and etc.
-Splattering blood coming from the monster while my character is whacking it, makes it superb
-Anger mode/ rage creates adrenalin rush on the player that I truly enjoy while playing
-The sway of grass, plants, trees and characters hair is good
RATE: 9/10

***User Interface – as a starter in the game, as I observed the overall user interface is newbie friendly and user friendly.

***Quests are newbie friendly, from level 1-5 you will be given a very easy quest task with waypoints provided.  And I enjoyed the trailer-like system on other quest that shows the story behind a quest.

***Gauges give a quick knowledge for the players on what do their character needs. HP bar, MP bar, EXP bar and other bars are easily seen by the players.  Overall interface can truly give an interest upon seeing it.
RATE: 10/10

***Controls - quick access on all the action button/ keys.  Like other MMORPG game it was provided on the same action spots where players will be familiar with, except the few buttons placed on other keys, like for example the skill button “V” that on other games “K” is used.  And from the stand point of a first time gamer, I always forgot where skill key was placed.
RATE: 8/10

***Maps – Easy access on the world map in which label was placed on the right spots to get the exact location of the NPC or a site.  Using “< or ,” key gives another version of the map where you can set it like see-through map and use it in case you need to keep your eye on the map.  Though in some point it was confusing but on the other side, it is helpful.
RATE: 9/10

***Others – The new feature makes the whole game unique from others, where the new set of skills in different. I am sure that if maintained well, this game will hit the top spot in gaming industry.
RATE: 9/10


From the experience on playing the game, from its nature of having a high rated graphics, playing it with high definition gives you a laggy experience whenever you let your character walk or do actions.  “It’s a must” for players to upgrade their pc especially the video card if they wanted to play this game in full settings, but on the other side you can still set the options to low in which players with low specs pc will be able to play this game.  Setting the graphics to full/ maximum resolution makes you see things unusual like floating name, missing body parts of a character, floating monsters etc etc but that accounts on the player’s pc specs
The action keys have something that I used to forget where some of the right keys are placed as a starter but you’ll get used to the key placing on the latter part.

  • No pet system
  • No mounts
  • Classes are Gender Locked
  • Only 3 Classes available 
  • game is laggy when settings is set to high
  • banned ips from US and Asia
  • always failing to connect
  • powerleveler ingame spammer


From the game test that I have made on Martial Empires, I conclude that the game has a potential to be included on the top gaming list of online games out in the market.  The uniqueness of the gameplay makes the whole game competitive to survive the growing technology of online gaming, with the combination of a good and high end Graphical emphasis on the models of the game and together with the effects, it creates a potential high rated game to be enjoyed by the hardcore gamers.
Setting makes the game accessible by those who have lower specs as the minimum requires, option is available to be suited on your “not so high” pc specs


Thursday, July 22, 2010


It looks similar to counter-strike in which is where it is derived. Graphics are smooth and low specs computers will be able to experience the challenge of this game.

Game play is quite exciting for having two additional feature from the traditional counter-strike game, the game have 2 main innovations to offer – a dog and a hostage The hostage who looks and acts exactly like a human and reacts on every danger the dog in which also reacts and sense a danger every time his master is in trouble and also the players can rappel thru walls, and take the fact that snipers can’t use the time for sticking themselves on walls waiting for opponent, the game only last for 2 minutes.

Over all the game is awesome, it is very much more similar to counterstrike. But looking and deciphering all the flaws of the game, you will notice some features that needs enhancement to defeat the boredom of the future players. First, joining a commencing game takes time before you can enter, it loads very slow and as I try to check the average spawn time it takes 15 minutes as the lowest. Another thing is the availability of items is limited, only a few variant of gun models can be chosen. Maps are limited where you can only choose where to start the first battle but in the latter part of the game you will still go on all of the maps. The game lacks option for match time interval and for enabling/disabling the automatic restart and change map in case the player wants to stay on a designated map.  

Graphics is awesome I suggest this game should be place on adult game or R18+.  The gruesome effect makes the game more realistic, splatting of blood, blood squirts from the opponent’s body and many more.  The funny thing on this game is when you shot an opponent on his foot, he will walk on his one foot hopping just like in reality.  Sound effect is awesome, I got bothered with the screaming sound that makes you feel like someone is actually being hurt badly.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Top 5 addicting games

Top 5 addicting games
I have played several games, and I already considered myself as a hardcore gamer.  I already tried several of genres, grinding game, casual and many more.   And from the feedback I have read over the internet I considered these games as my top 5 addicting games .

World of warcraft

-    Who in the earth will not agree on this game as one of the top favorite game of all time?  From the graphics, the quest and characters, I might say this is the perfect game when I first saw it.


-    Although a browser game, many people got so addicted on this game, including me.  This is the first browser game where you can roam around the map like playing a mmo.  Unlike other browser games, here you can see your character moving and whacking monsters.

Counter Strike

-    This game is the reason why I got line of 70 grades on my report card.  And that explains it all.

Maple story

-    Popular in Korea and over the net, though I haven’t played this game yet.  And I still have no plan to play it.  Seeing the ranking of the game site gives the meaning of the word popular.

Warcraft (Defense of the ancient) DOTA map

-    Most of my friends are playing this game.  Its addicting on how/what strategy you will use to defeat your opponent.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Perfect World Game review

Perfect World Game review

Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment
Playerbase: High
Graphics: High Quality
EXP Rate: Low
PvP: Open PvP / Realm Wars [Guild Vs Guild]

As a hard core gamer, I have a high rating when it comes to the game that I will be playing.  When they said online game, I really am looking forward to the graphics, game play, character involvement and many more.  A friend referred me to this game, and as an Asian, it caught my attention seeing the characters in the game.  The theme looks closely like to an ancient Chinese civilization.

I started creating my character after a tremendous signing/ filling up forms needed to have an accounts.  I started to be amazed upon seeing the character customization panel, where undergoing in this will somehow have a unique character.  From head to toe, all things are customizable. Make body parts big small, all sizes and colors and even hair styles..  I wanted to create a Chuck Norris look-a-like character but I can’t perfectly create a Norris clone
After the customization, I created a human Wuxia
Wuxia's are close combat warriors who are potent with or without weapons. They are swift, agile and quick to attack and evade assailants.
Wuxias as swordsmen weigh themselves on chivalry and the mastery of the different fighting arts through continuous practice and training.
They are balanced both on attacking and defending enemies; plus their knowledge of the uses of different kinds of weapons, superior physical attack prowess and mastery of the fighting arts, brings forth a deadly combination of power and speed that makes the Wuxia a formidable foe to contend with.

While playing the game I actually noticed the awesome graphics of this game, it doesn’t give an eyesore to the first time players.  All graphics are well-polished, the grass, falls leaves and trees are more close to reality. 
At first I just thought the game has a glitch in character actions, coz I have seen an insanely character jumps from where I am standing going to the roof of a house.  And I tried it and for my surprise, my character too is insane…LOL characters have the ability to use dual jump.  Pressing space bar twice.
Mount? Well, its also awesome!  Actually I got amazed when I finally got the chance to ride a mount.  For me it’s a huge flying sword, I saw others using their skill to shape shift into a fox and other character has a build in wings 

The server has a very slow experience rate where I spent nearly 1 month just for reaching level 47, though I enjoyed doing their quest.  But sometimes questing confuzles me

Pros: +Top-notch graphics, +Innovative character creation, +In-game radio, +Flying mounts, +Plenty of GM Events, +Good music
Cons: -Dull combat, -Uninspiring quests, -Slow-paced game play, -Only six playable classes

Friday, July 16, 2010


Publisher: Redbana
Playerbase: Low
Graphics: Medium Quality
Type: MMO
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: N/A
Filesize: 1.6GB

Audition is basically an online dancing game where you can practice your alertness skills and exercise your  fingers, If you’re playing console games before, if my memory serves me right, the concept is more like dance revolution and Busta Groove, where you need to press the right arrow keys to hit the right notes.

If you’re planning to play Audition for the first time, you will be given a character where you can choose its gender and clothes.  Only few clothes are available for your starter character, but later on, you can get good clothes by buying it in fashion shop with the use of your ingame cash or points which are also known as BEATS, Cash item is also available and cash clothes are much more than presentable as we expect a cash item would be. 

Gameplay is quite complicated, at first, upon entering the game for the first time, you will be redirected on a tutorial play where you will be given instructions on how to play the game, I think it will only last for less than 10 minutes… then after the tutorial you will be on audition town where you can access the dance hall, FAM office, fashion mall, studio and rankings

You will be able to get and play quest depending on what requirements you will be given to be able to finish a certain quest.  Audition has many modes to choose from, dancing with couple, solo, as a team or with npc.  You can also be able to search for your couple and marry them.  And literally bear a wedding ring..

I personally enjoyed playing audition, because of the modes that you can’t even imagine on a dance game, you can play beat up which is more closely related to dance revolution, where you must hit the correct arrow key.  1,2 party mimic the npcs move by choosing the right key they said and much much more game modes to choose from

Community is decent, although in some instance I found some emo players complaining in many things in life

+Several compelling game modes.
+Single-player modes available.
+Popular song list.
+Various difficulty options.

-Many items cost real money.
-Game modes are all very similar. 
-Lack of game mat detracts from the style.

Thursday, July 15, 2010



Subject: CT Racer

Developer: Mobil Planet
Genre: 3D MMO Racing
Category: Free MMORPG
Platform: Windows

When I’m into console gaming before, racing is one of my favorite games to play, but since I got myself introduced to pc games, I always wanted to play grinding MMO games. 
Did you get a chance to play NFS (need for speed), and other hi-fi racing game? This game surely is closely related to them, racing to battle, winning races and etc.  But there are things that fascinate me in trying this game.
As a starter, they will give you a default car which will be your starter car throughout the game.  You can either continue this by buying performance parts like engine, suspension, carburetor and other performance equipments or you can just buy a much faster car by gaining tech points.  Tech points or TP can be obtained by winning race battles or you can do quest.  In race mode there's either Downhill battle, which is basically just a race, or head for the championship races which require a fee to enter.  What amazed me is the quest, where you can either choose to chase race cars as a police or be chased by a police car.  Another quest is to have a mission to get as quick as possible to the given location.  Gain cash points by joining events or literally buying top up cards from convenient stores.
Car customization gives you more close to reality where you can upgrade or change the looks of your car, from neon lights to decals, custom steering wheel, headlights and etc.
You can also just roam around the town and listen to the build-in mp3 music, you can also engage other players to duel.

- Unique MMO Experience
- In-game MP3 player
- Events are hosted often
- Community is welcoming and friendly.

- Navigating can be frustrating
- Some things are translated poorly
- Not many people to do the races with.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tactical Intervention GAME REVIEW

Subject: Tactical Intervention
Tactical Intervention (2010/ENG/Beta)
English | PC | Developer/Publisher: FIX Games | 3.40 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person / MMOFPS Massively Multiplayer online First Person Shooter game

Being developed by one of the original Devs behind Counter-Strike. Great map designs.  From the game graphics players who are addicted on counter-strike will be nostalgic upon seeing this game, it looks similar to counter-strike in which is where it is derived. 
Graphics are smooth and low specs computers will be able to experience the challenge of this game
Gameplay is quite exciting for having two additional feature from the traditional counter-strike game, the game have 2 main innovations to offer – a dog and a hostage who looks like exactly a humans attitude or reaction on every danger and also the players can rapel thru walls, and take the fact the snipers can’t use the time for sticking themselves on walls waiting for opponent, the game only last for 2 minutes.

No firm release date (Expected Release Date is sometime in the Second Half of 2010). -Very similar core gameplay as other tactical MMO shooters. 

From the comments that the game received on youtube, it seems that the game is a much awaited game especially to those people who got addicted on counter-strike; this game will have an edge on the market if it will be release soon.  Since the teaser page was posted on some social network sites, players are still posting their comments on it till present.

Hacks such as: Speed hack, Cheat engine, 1-hit-kill and etc
But based on the game itself and on its developer, I think it is close to impossible to hack this game since it already has an advance technology. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Top ten guys as game character

Do you ever wonder who should portray the character of your favorite game? I just remembered when I was young, I watched the movie “street fighter” wherein Jean Claude Van Damme portray the role of Guile. Hmm, actually on the physical aspect, he doesn’t match the actual looks of Guile in that movie. He maybe can mimic the actions and some of the costume but he doesn’t look like Guile. Of course to make the movie more reliable and effective for the viewers, the characters should match all the aspects of the character they are portraying, especially the looks. Do you ever wonder Kristin Kreuk as Chun li? LOL of course Chun li is an Asian character that should also be portrayed by an Asian star.
10.) Batista as Marcus Fenix

9.) Michael Duncan Clarke as Augustus Cole

8.) Owen Wilson as Ken

7.) Vin Diesel as Kratos

6.) Tom Cruise as Dante

5.) George Clooney as Sam Fisher

4.) Jason Statham as Agent 47

3.) Ryan Reynolds as Nathan Drake

2.) Jeff Bridges as Max Payne

1.) Vladimir Mashkov as Niko Bellic

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cosplay Dogs (crazy costumes)

Cosplay (コスプレ, kosupure), short for "costume play", is type of performance art in which participants don costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea.
This event is well known to teens who are an avid fan of Japanese manga, cosplayers are gathered up in this event to see and to compete with other cosplayers using their talent and imagination to create a replica image of their favorite Japanese manga character and even in online games..

Upon searching on pictures of costume players I stumbled on to those pictures

Monday, July 5, 2010


Ill give you a simple picture of what bana bus looks like
Well as i remember, and if the memory serves me right. The first post about this bus was on 6-01-2009 at 01:08 AM. And now i wonder where did the bana bus go. Actually i havent personally meet the bana bus but from the pics that i have seen, i think it is an awesome bus. I love the bus'es color and its concept.

From the common looks of an ordinary bus,
To this,
Well, its been a year now and i don't have or the players either any news regarding the bana bus. well, what do you think? where did the bana bus go? its still a mystery up to now...