Thursday, July 22, 2010


It looks similar to counter-strike in which is where it is derived. Graphics are smooth and low specs computers will be able to experience the challenge of this game.

Game play is quite exciting for having two additional feature from the traditional counter-strike game, the game have 2 main innovations to offer – a dog and a hostage The hostage who looks and acts exactly like a human and reacts on every danger the dog in which also reacts and sense a danger every time his master is in trouble and also the players can rappel thru walls, and take the fact that snipers can’t use the time for sticking themselves on walls waiting for opponent, the game only last for 2 minutes.

Over all the game is awesome, it is very much more similar to counterstrike. But looking and deciphering all the flaws of the game, you will notice some features that needs enhancement to defeat the boredom of the future players. First, joining a commencing game takes time before you can enter, it loads very slow and as I try to check the average spawn time it takes 15 minutes as the lowest. Another thing is the availability of items is limited, only a few variant of gun models can be chosen. Maps are limited where you can only choose where to start the first battle but in the latter part of the game you will still go on all of the maps. The game lacks option for match time interval and for enabling/disabling the automatic restart and change map in case the player wants to stay on a designated map.  

Graphics is awesome I suggest this game should be place on adult game or R18+.  The gruesome effect makes the game more realistic, splatting of blood, blood squirts from the opponent’s body and many more.  The funny thing on this game is when you shot an opponent on his foot, he will walk on his one foot hopping just like in reality.  Sound effect is awesome, I got bothered with the screaming sound that makes you feel like someone is actually being hurt badly.


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