Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Top 5 addicting games

Top 5 addicting games
I have played several games, and I already considered myself as a hardcore gamer.  I already tried several of genres, grinding game, casual and many more.   And from the feedback I have read over the internet I considered these games as my top 5 addicting games .

World of warcraft

-    Who in the earth will not agree on this game as one of the top favorite game of all time?  From the graphics, the quest and characters, I might say this is the perfect game when I first saw it.


-    Although a browser game, many people got so addicted on this game, including me.  This is the first browser game where you can roam around the map like playing a mmo.  Unlike other browser games, here you can see your character moving and whacking monsters.

Counter Strike

-    This game is the reason why I got line of 70 grades on my report card.  And that explains it all.

Maple story

-    Popular in Korea and over the net, though I haven’t played this game yet.  And I still have no plan to play it.  Seeing the ranking of the game site gives the meaning of the word popular.

Warcraft (Defense of the ancient) DOTA map

-    Most of my friends are playing this game.  Its addicting on how/what strategy you will use to defeat your opponent.


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