Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ragnarok everywhere!

Never in my wildest dream that I can be able to play Ragnarok Online using my mobile phone, it was just a frustration since I was an avid fan of the game.  Together with my friends, after a boss run, we used to stay outside the computer shop (while waiting for the next boss to re-spawn) sipping soft-drinks and smoking cigarettes and talking about someday developers will be able to bring ragnarok into some higher level.  We also though of some crazy things and even think that the ragnarok offline server that we created for that shop will be transferred to the live server so we will be the most powerful characters in the history of Ragnarok Online.

Well that was way way back 2003, (trivia: Ragnarok was first known as "The Final Destiny of the Gods") since technology has gone to a higher grounds, so as with the games today.  Ragnarok Online is still grossing on the top game most played by gamers and variate to another theme and platform like 3d gaming where we find Ragnarok 2, platform gaming in some well known platform programs for games. 

Today, the impossible things in the world of gaming way back in 2003, has come to reality.  A vivid fascinations on the questions incorporated with "what if's" has come to its end.  Ragnarok Online on mobile phone is now on reality! Meet Ragnarok Online: Valkyrie Uprising, aka ROVU.
I am currently playing Ragnarok Online: Valkyrie Uprising, and if you guys wanted to play the said game, you should have atleast an Android or Ios wielding gadget like samsung, apple and the likes.

Gameplay is a bit far more than what we usually play in an online server of Ragnarok.  Same hack and slash however, questing is more essential in ROVU to earn and gain experience.  There's a quite difference on skills and I assure you that big adjustments is on your way.  Leveling is quite fast and more better than the live Ragnarok server.  Though its kinda hard to maneuver my character since I guess, I need more room for movement since my screen is kinda squashed with hp gauges and shortcuts.  Well, let me list up the pros and cons of the game.

- Accessible any place where wifi is available 
- Not hard to level, gives decent experience
- It inherited the chibbi looks of the old ragnarok characters
- Easy to play

- Screen is kinda constrict since hp gauges is all over the screen
- Gameplay is focused on questing
- Not so much walkthroughs and tutorials available in internet

As for now, let me leave you hanging on this article about my review on ROVU!