Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ragnarok II: An experience

Ragnarok II : Legend of the second

I remembered playing Ragnarok way back on my college days in which i have to skip school just by doing some boss hunts and etc.  Way back then, the server only has 1 available server in which all players tried their very best to be the servers highest rank player.  Way back, RO classic is providing its customers a free 1 month access on the game.  Remembered having a first prepaid card (epic) and every top up card i did, i always keep the used card on my cabinet.

Ragnarok II, a very much awaited game eversince 3d games infested the gaming market.  From my location, Ragnarok II is not accessible in our region due to some reasons only the publisher knows.  And i really wished that i can access it using my local ip/isp.

Proxy is my bestfriend, lol well, just a brief description about the game.  The whole game looks very similar to other hack and slash 3d games in which you need to do a lots of quest to gain level.  Enhance your characters skill and stats using points, you can have points on every level you gained.  Graphic wise, very similar to any other 3d games in the market, so as with the skill effects etc etc.  

Ragnarok II is somewhat an adaptation of classic 2d and new 3d, especially NPC, monsters and characters.  equipment and items are kinda 3d'ish approach.  

Gameplay is very much different from the classic especially on skills,  some skills can be available event on low level in which from the classic RO, there are some skills that are only available for 2nd job characters.  Though skills have the same name, but read twice! since those skills are "not" you expected from the classic version.  Leveling is quite hard and you really need to grind and quest well to be have an efficient experience and to level fast.  I spent my 8 long hours (including rest, lol) to play and tried my best to gain the highest level i could possibly reach.  As of now, im currently at level 11 (Quite Slow), Ruppies are hard to farm, at level 10, i only gained 3 gold ruppies.

Questing is easy, but experience from monsters is not that good.  I find it hard to do solo grinding some experience compare to grinding through quest.  Quest gives decent experience though.


I loled to this

Monday, January 14, 2013


I just wanted to try this nude mode, so I search a lot and saw some download links containing some datas to be added to be able to experience nude mode. 

I saw my prospect download link and clicked download, and now its starting! Hmm “3 hours left “ What the hell! How big is the file? 427MB.  I know who’s the culprit behind this unbelievable download time! Its my crappy internet again!  Anyways, just continue since im using Download Manager, nothing can stop my download! Well, in some cases like power cut-off (I remembered I just forgot to pay my electricity bill!) as electricity goes back and I opened my pc, the download will resume from where it stops.  This prevents file from being corrupted.

So I browse and browse till I come up with the idea on finding games similar to Requiem.
World of warcraft = similarly some aspects are similar to world of warcraft but graphics? Well don’t talk about it.

Aion = looks similar from requiem graphics well Aion have my points.  Well as I remembered right and if my mind serves me right, Aion also has nude mode in some point. I think that was another program that edits sprite.

Rohan = yeah graphics wise, Rohan have  this soft edges in every graphics unlike requiem, but I might say that Rohan is much more similar to Requiem. 

DarkEden 2 = for people who is familiar with old games you know DarkEden (the crappy vampire game lol) in which has a sequel DarkEden 2,  graphics is more close to requiem including  the blood splashing gore effect.

Well that’s it for now, all of the listed games about is just from my point of view.
3 minutes left on my nude mode file, I think I have to relax a bit and wait for the file completion. 


Party rock is in Requiem tonight!
Everybody just have a good time
And we gonna make you loose your mind
Everybody just have a good time

No this isn’t about the party rock anthem by LMFAO but this is about the dance steps in requiem.  Let’s make a game, from the dance steps of Race in Requiem let’s incorporate it with the proper song.  Like name this tune!

Male Turan = Lazy Teach me How to Douggie
Male Bartuk = Awkward Oppa Gangnam Style
Male Kruxena = Macarena with Amnesia
Female Xenoa = Ma Boy with semi fast beat

If only I have time to do fraps and give music to the video, if I have a spare time I’ll try to come up with a good outcome of this idea.  For now I just gave you how do Requiem classes per Race Dance.

Jerkey Junkey

It’s really hard playing alone in any MMORPG, it is essential to meet new friends and grind together on a quest.  I do play alone and sometimes get along in a party with a random person doing the same quest.  And here, I met the most jerk girl (her brain is a junk) so I called her Jerkey Junkey.  A jerk with a junky brain

Ill give you an idea on how jerk she is; she has this weird love for clothes that even your grandma will refuse to wear and even the weirdest people on earth.  She just wanted to wear her trainee gears from head to foot.  (She doesn’t care about just how low the gears additional status is giving her) Junky isn’t she? I really have no idea what is running in her head to think that we are in the same level.

I have no any other choice but to join her party since we are doing the same quest, and I just needed a person or a party member to be able to finish the quest.  She can just sit there and relax, because every decision or choices she made will just bring me to coma.

Here comes the dungeon run, 4 members in a party, 3 girls (including the jerk) and 1 male (this is me).  We have no other choice since jerkey junkey is our party leader and time is running.  This is a timed quest where we needed to kill 6 monsters in a time span of 4 minutes.

I swung my huge blade to the first monster, 2 party member deals with the mobs.  Im a warrior and with the toughest defense so I deal with the main monster.  We killed all 5 monster with “jerkey junkey” and the last monster appeared with her mobs, oh by the way, “jerkey junkey” is a priest so she just heal, sit, buffs heal, that’s her cycle.  The mobs were easily dealt with my 2 party members, then they approach the last monster.  The monster fought back but not to me, he slashes my team mate.  Down goes her HP, we asked for a heal to our Druid “jerkey junkey” but she was just sitting on the ground having fun watching us.  1 partymate down, 2 party mates down without receiving any support from our druid.  I do the battle alone with my co-teammates lying on the floor watching me battling with the last monster, im too lucky for bringing with me potions because from the start im very incompetent with the Druid party leader.

I swung again my huge blade for the last time, and it ended the monster’s life using my pots, skills and strength.  We ended the battle with 2 partymates on the floor, 1 warrior battling with courage (its me) and a junk Druid sitting and watching.  As expected, after completing the quest she suddenly disappears!  Wtf! This really is happening even in real life. 

As expected, she pmed me saying she suddenly dced and now wanting more party quest to complete.  Who wants to be with a Jerkey Junkey? So I refused.

Not your ordinary Porn!

On the client side, well actually client side have different server with facebook application Requiem.  I was eager to try this feature called nude mode in FB application requiem, but in some unexplainable matters (in my opinion) I can’t find a way on how to try this “Nude mode” thing.

I would love to see someone wearing none in game so I waited.  Time passes by, I still didn’t encounter any character in nude form.  So I tried to ask
Me       :           Hi!
Player  :           Hello!
Me       :           I would like to ask a question if you don’t mind?
Player  :           Sure!
Me       :           There’s something about nude mode in this game in which I can’t find how.
Player  :           Oh! The nude mode?
Me       :           Yeah! Do you know how to use it?
Player  :           Nope! Sorry
Me       :           Oh T_T Thanks anyways
Player  :           No problem!

Hmm, maybe ill try to google it.  “typing” > g o o g l e . c o m
Search result: blah blah blah
Me       :           Oh?! God?! I can’t understand!  Maybe I’ll just ask in-game

Maybe ill just end my search here, because I remembered my character is male. It is awkward as I imagine playing in nude mode with my male character..
Additional pics btw

Luck or coincidence?

In requiem, they have this feature where per day you will be given a chance to test your luck by their Roulette.  Every day 1 click will be awarded, and it doesn’t accumulate per day so if in any case there were like 7 days a week and you just logged-in in 2 days, you only have 2 click in which once per day.  So the remaining 6 days will be voided.

When I was given a chance on my day draw, I test my luck and got lucky for acquiring one day click recharges (5), this means I can do additional 5 clicks on the roulette.
1st draw = battle reward score + 20% (1 day)
2nd draw = character HP recovery + 45% (1 day)
3rd draw = turba transport control equipment (1 day)
4th draw = defense amplifier (1 day)
5th draw = bathing suit II (1day)

Sometimes I really think that this feature is just a system automated where you will be given a good pick to be craving for more til you got desperate and buy a set or a bundle of roulette draws.  In which, in the latter part you will be realizing after finishing all the acquired or purchased roulette bundle, you will be the most unlucky person born on Earth without having anything useful trying to gamble your luck.

Now im curious about this system, I sounded like their way of marketing the roulette bundle.
Is this just luck or coincidence?

Heads up!

Morning rush! Everyone is preparing for the day.  From our village, I see everyone is busy male, female even lads are too.  I heard birds chirping from distance and I can feel the morning breeze touching my skin.  This is an ordinary day I observed staying in Turba, oh by the way, im in Requiem.  Have you heard about MMORPG which runs as facebook application? Cool isn’t it?

Anyways, as I go through my quest for the day, I am actually happy and excited despite of the crappy internet connection that I have.  I do more walk backs than walk forward, 2 steps backward and 1 step forward.  Lolz. I really can’t imagine finishing the quest that easy with my not so well connection.  Patience, patience, patience, what do I need to do?
Browse a little bit, facebook statuses, news feed.. Wait, connection is getting worse.  Log out (wait for 1 minute). And shut down my lappy

After 3 hours, I tried to get back to Requiem and I think connection is better.  Oh, I just logged in easily! My first quest will be, hmm oh! The one day click..

Got lucky for acquiring one day click recharges (5), this means I can do additional 5 clicks on the roulette. 1st draw = battle reward score + 20% (1 day)
2nd draw = character HP recovery + 45% (1 day)
3rd draw = turba transport control equipment (1 day)
4th draw = defense amplifier (1 day)
5th draw = bathing suit II (1day)
For a newbie in Requiem I need to grind and do some quest, on my quest list 5 quests are listed.  3 completed quest, 1 in progress and another is marked as delivery.  

Just passed all completed quest and I’m ready for my new quest and in progress quest.  Since my character’s mount just got expired, I used my skill “contract with Vivoly” by the way, im a battle magician level 13 (just started)

Contract with Vivoly is a skill where I will be given additional movespeed of +0.5M/ Sec (level 1), and I hope this will be my substitute mount.  This really gave me headache because this Vivoly thingy seems to be like no difference between normal movespeed.  So instead of using this skill, I just transformed my normal character, but to my surprise.  My character is beheaded! WTH! Logged out (wait for 1 minute). And shut down my lappy then decided to sleep.