Monday, January 14, 2013

Luck or coincidence?

In requiem, they have this feature where per day you will be given a chance to test your luck by their Roulette.  Every day 1 click will be awarded, and it doesn’t accumulate per day so if in any case there were like 7 days a week and you just logged-in in 2 days, you only have 2 click in which once per day.  So the remaining 6 days will be voided.

When I was given a chance on my day draw, I test my luck and got lucky for acquiring one day click recharges (5), this means I can do additional 5 clicks on the roulette.
1st draw = battle reward score + 20% (1 day)
2nd draw = character HP recovery + 45% (1 day)
3rd draw = turba transport control equipment (1 day)
4th draw = defense amplifier (1 day)
5th draw = bathing suit II (1day)

Sometimes I really think that this feature is just a system automated where you will be given a good pick to be craving for more til you got desperate and buy a set or a bundle of roulette draws.  In which, in the latter part you will be realizing after finishing all the acquired or purchased roulette bundle, you will be the most unlucky person born on Earth without having anything useful trying to gamble your luck.

Now im curious about this system, I sounded like their way of marketing the roulette bundle.
Is this just luck or coincidence?


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