Monday, January 14, 2013


I just wanted to try this nude mode, so I search a lot and saw some download links containing some datas to be added to be able to experience nude mode. 

I saw my prospect download link and clicked download, and now its starting! Hmm “3 hours left “ What the hell! How big is the file? 427MB.  I know who’s the culprit behind this unbelievable download time! Its my crappy internet again!  Anyways, just continue since im using Download Manager, nothing can stop my download! Well, in some cases like power cut-off (I remembered I just forgot to pay my electricity bill!) as electricity goes back and I opened my pc, the download will resume from where it stops.  This prevents file from being corrupted.

So I browse and browse till I come up with the idea on finding games similar to Requiem.
World of warcraft = similarly some aspects are similar to world of warcraft but graphics? Well don’t talk about it.

Aion = looks similar from requiem graphics well Aion have my points.  Well as I remembered right and if my mind serves me right, Aion also has nude mode in some point. I think that was another program that edits sprite.

Rohan = yeah graphics wise, Rohan have  this soft edges in every graphics unlike requiem, but I might say that Rohan is much more similar to Requiem. 

DarkEden 2 = for people who is familiar with old games you know DarkEden (the crappy vampire game lol) in which has a sequel DarkEden 2,  graphics is more close to requiem including  the blood splashing gore effect.

Well that’s it for now, all of the listed games about is just from my point of view.
3 minutes left on my nude mode file, I think I have to relax a bit and wait for the file completion. 


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