Monday, January 14, 2013

Heads up!

Morning rush! Everyone is preparing for the day.  From our village, I see everyone is busy male, female even lads are too.  I heard birds chirping from distance and I can feel the morning breeze touching my skin.  This is an ordinary day I observed staying in Turba, oh by the way, im in Requiem.  Have you heard about MMORPG which runs as facebook application? Cool isn’t it?

Anyways, as I go through my quest for the day, I am actually happy and excited despite of the crappy internet connection that I have.  I do more walk backs than walk forward, 2 steps backward and 1 step forward.  Lolz. I really can’t imagine finishing the quest that easy with my not so well connection.  Patience, patience, patience, what do I need to do?
Browse a little bit, facebook statuses, news feed.. Wait, connection is getting worse.  Log out (wait for 1 minute). And shut down my lappy

After 3 hours, I tried to get back to Requiem and I think connection is better.  Oh, I just logged in easily! My first quest will be, hmm oh! The one day click..

Got lucky for acquiring one day click recharges (5), this means I can do additional 5 clicks on the roulette. 1st draw = battle reward score + 20% (1 day)
2nd draw = character HP recovery + 45% (1 day)
3rd draw = turba transport control equipment (1 day)
4th draw = defense amplifier (1 day)
5th draw = bathing suit II (1day)
For a newbie in Requiem I need to grind and do some quest, on my quest list 5 quests are listed.  3 completed quest, 1 in progress and another is marked as delivery.  

Just passed all completed quest and I’m ready for my new quest and in progress quest.  Since my character’s mount just got expired, I used my skill “contract with Vivoly” by the way, im a battle magician level 13 (just started)

Contract with Vivoly is a skill where I will be given additional movespeed of +0.5M/ Sec (level 1), and I hope this will be my substitute mount.  This really gave me headache because this Vivoly thingy seems to be like no difference between normal movespeed.  So instead of using this skill, I just transformed my normal character, but to my surprise.  My character is beheaded! WTH! Logged out (wait for 1 minute). And shut down my lappy then decided to sleep.


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