Monday, January 14, 2013

Jerkey Junkey

It’s really hard playing alone in any MMORPG, it is essential to meet new friends and grind together on a quest.  I do play alone and sometimes get along in a party with a random person doing the same quest.  And here, I met the most jerk girl (her brain is a junk) so I called her Jerkey Junkey.  A jerk with a junky brain

Ill give you an idea on how jerk she is; she has this weird love for clothes that even your grandma will refuse to wear and even the weirdest people on earth.  She just wanted to wear her trainee gears from head to foot.  (She doesn’t care about just how low the gears additional status is giving her) Junky isn’t she? I really have no idea what is running in her head to think that we are in the same level.

I have no any other choice but to join her party since we are doing the same quest, and I just needed a person or a party member to be able to finish the quest.  She can just sit there and relax, because every decision or choices she made will just bring me to coma.

Here comes the dungeon run, 4 members in a party, 3 girls (including the jerk) and 1 male (this is me).  We have no other choice since jerkey junkey is our party leader and time is running.  This is a timed quest where we needed to kill 6 monsters in a time span of 4 minutes.

I swung my huge blade to the first monster, 2 party member deals with the mobs.  Im a warrior and with the toughest defense so I deal with the main monster.  We killed all 5 monster with “jerkey junkey” and the last monster appeared with her mobs, oh by the way, “jerkey junkey” is a priest so she just heal, sit, buffs heal, that’s her cycle.  The mobs were easily dealt with my 2 party members, then they approach the last monster.  The monster fought back but not to me, he slashes my team mate.  Down goes her HP, we asked for a heal to our Druid “jerkey junkey” but she was just sitting on the ground having fun watching us.  1 partymate down, 2 party mates down without receiving any support from our druid.  I do the battle alone with my co-teammates lying on the floor watching me battling with the last monster, im too lucky for bringing with me potions because from the start im very incompetent with the Druid party leader.

I swung again my huge blade for the last time, and it ended the monster’s life using my pots, skills and strength.  We ended the battle with 2 partymates on the floor, 1 warrior battling with courage (its me) and a junk Druid sitting and watching.  As expected, after completing the quest she suddenly disappears!  Wtf! This really is happening even in real life. 

As expected, she pmed me saying she suddenly dced and now wanting more party quest to complete.  Who wants to be with a Jerkey Junkey? So I refused.


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