Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ragnarok II: An experience

Ragnarok II : Legend of the second

I remembered playing Ragnarok way back on my college days in which i have to skip school just by doing some boss hunts and etc.  Way back then, the server only has 1 available server in which all players tried their very best to be the servers highest rank player.  Way back, RO classic is providing its customers a free 1 month access on the game.  Remembered having a first prepaid card (epic) and every top up card i did, i always keep the used card on my cabinet.

Ragnarok II, a very much awaited game eversince 3d games infested the gaming market.  From my location, Ragnarok II is not accessible in our region due to some reasons only the publisher knows.  And i really wished that i can access it using my local ip/isp.

Proxy is my bestfriend, lol well, just a brief description about the game.  The whole game looks very similar to other hack and slash 3d games in which you need to do a lots of quest to gain level.  Enhance your characters skill and stats using points, you can have points on every level you gained.  Graphic wise, very similar to any other 3d games in the market, so as with the skill effects etc etc.  

Ragnarok II is somewhat an adaptation of classic 2d and new 3d, especially NPC, monsters and characters.  equipment and items are kinda 3d'ish approach.  

Gameplay is very much different from the classic especially on skills,  some skills can be available event on low level in which from the classic RO, there are some skills that are only available for 2nd job characters.  Though skills have the same name, but read twice! since those skills are "not" you expected from the classic version.  Leveling is quite hard and you really need to grind and quest well to be have an efficient experience and to level fast.  I spent my 8 long hours (including rest, lol) to play and tried my best to gain the highest level i could possibly reach.  As of now, im currently at level 11 (Quite Slow), Ruppies are hard to farm, at level 10, i only gained 3 gold ruppies.

Questing is easy, but experience from monsters is not that good.  I find it hard to do solo grinding some experience compare to grinding through quest.  Quest gives decent experience though.


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