Monday, November 19, 2012

Player's Guide: Stats

1. Monster Type: This descriptive text basically tells you what kind of Monster you are dealing with. These can range from Evo Material, to Attacker or Healer. Their titles often give clues about their roles in battle. This particular character is good for healing - not attacking! Attackers typically have low HP and RCV, but more than make up for it with a high ATK value. Dragons are usually well balanced with relatively high marks in all 3 primary stats. Evolution and Enhance Materials aren’t meant to follow you into battle; instead, their role is to strengthen your team through Fusion.

2. Stats: Your primary stats are HP, ATK and RCV.

HP: How much HP this monster contributes to your team's total HP.

ATK: When 3 Orbs of this Monster's Attribute are lined up, this is the base damage the Monster will deliver. The monster’s attribute is indicated by the colored Orb icon in the top left corner of its portrait

RCV: This particular Monster's contribution to your Team’s healing potential (explained in next image).

3. Leveling Info: This indicates the leveling potential of the current Monster as well as its Cost when added to your team. The sum of all selected Monsters cannot exceed your Team Cost value (this will be shown in the next image).

4. SKL: This is the skill you use by tapping the Monster's portrait in battle as soon as it's activated. The "Lv.1" refers to the ability's potency (which can be increased through Power up Fusion), and the "Turn: 10" indicates how soon the ability can be used. In this case, you must take at least 10 turns before you can use this SKL.

5. Leader Skill: This is a passive ability that is always active if the chosen Monster is in your Leader slot. You can also take advantage of your Friends' Leader Skills if you choose for them to accompany you into a dungeon.

Note: You CANNOT utilize an Explorer's Leader Skill - so if you take one along, try to add them as a Friend afterwards!

Leader: This indicates who your Leader Monster is. This is the Monster whose Leader Skill will be available in battle as well as the Monster that your Friends (and Explorers) will take along if they select you for the Helper slot.

Sub: These are the rest of your Monsters. They will attack if you line up Orbs of their Attribute. You may utilize their SKL, but not their Leader Skills!

Total Cost: Each Monster has an assigned numerical value based on their strengths and abilities. As you Rank Up and increase your total Team Cost, you can take even more powerful Monsters with you into battle!

Total HP: This is your team's total health value. When this number reaches 0, it's GAME OVER!

RCV: This is the combined total of your team’s RCV value. This indicates the base amount of healing done when 3 Heart Orbs are connected.

ATK (for each unique Attribute): This number indicates the total amount of damage that will be done when 3 Orbs of the particular Attribute are connected. Keep in mind, you will rarely see this exact number in battle since it is modified greatly by Combo numbers, Attribute strength/weakness (Fire VS Wood etc.), and finally whether or not you connect more than 3 Orbs in a row. These same modifiers also increase amount of healing you receive.

Leader Skill: This shows the name and description of your currently active Leader Skill.

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Anonymous said...

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i used at least 200 Dollars in this game and i got nothing...
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I cried and my mom wasn`t happy at all because i used her credit card...
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This game made my life even lamer and sader.
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When I saw the light it was coming at me, it was hot as your mom.. sorry
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