Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Puzzle and Dragons User Review

"GungHo Online Entertainment’s free-to-play Puzzle and Dragons has finally touched down in North America, the original mobile match puzzle RPG arriving stateside on iOS late to the party in the face of similar titles such as Angel Salvation or Jewel Dragon.  Puzzle and Dragons is well worth the wait, as RPG and puzzle fans alike have plenty to enjoy in this monster collecting, dungeon crawling, orb matching mashup." ***Daniel tack

Luckily from the first launching of Puzzle and Dragons US version on November 08, 2012, I tried and downloaded it right away.  According to the news from my friends on Japan, puzzle and dragons became a big hit in Japan on iOS ipads applications.  I am living outside the US but I’ve been able to get it from apps store even though P&D is not available outside us residents (technology on its finest!).

Puzzle and Dragons is a game with a combination of monster killings in the form of puzzle action in which damage is based on the elements of the mobs and your monster element and the combo you are doing on the puzzle gems.
There are 5 elements in the game; Water, Fire, Tree, Dark, Light
Water > Fire (Water is strong against Fire)
Fire > Tree (Fire is strong against Tree)
Tree > Water (Tree is strong against Water)
Dark > Light (Dark is strong against Light)
Light > Dark (Light is strong against Dark)

I have chosen Fire since I think the monster looks strong (Dragon) and from the element itself, im thinking that
Fire resembles toughness and the monster avatar is awesome..

Oh by the way, im already rank 15 and evolved my tyran to tyrannos
ID: 335,335,285

The catch is play the game, make a good combo, get the monster eggs and earns magic stones to be able to get some rare monsters in which you can also use as 1 of your monster team to defeat other strong monsters.  Playing the game reminds me of the tv cartoon pokemon, the only difference is pokemon comes in pokeball unlike puzzle and dragon, monsters came up in an egg.  Every time I got egg lots, it gives excitement to me, especially the rare eggs in which sometimes can be looted in the rare egg machine using your magic stone and not that rare one on pal eggs.

By the way, my monster team composes all the elements

Don’t forget to see the requirements on your monster evolve fusion to be able to evolve your monster to the next stage.  Also keep in mind that you need to maximize your monster level to be able to evolve your monsters.

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10


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