Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Top ten guys as game character

Do you ever wonder who should portray the character of your favorite game? I just remembered when I was young, I watched the movie “street fighter” wherein Jean Claude Van Damme portray the role of Guile. Hmm, actually on the physical aspect, he doesn’t match the actual looks of Guile in that movie. He maybe can mimic the actions and some of the costume but he doesn’t look like Guile. Of course to make the movie more reliable and effective for the viewers, the characters should match all the aspects of the character they are portraying, especially the looks. Do you ever wonder Kristin Kreuk as Chun li? LOL of course Chun li is an Asian character that should also be portrayed by an Asian star.
10.) Batista as Marcus Fenix

9.) Michael Duncan Clarke as Augustus Cole

8.) Owen Wilson as Ken

7.) Vin Diesel as Kratos

6.) Tom Cruise as Dante

5.) George Clooney as Sam Fisher

4.) Jason Statham as Agent 47

3.) Ryan Reynolds as Nathan Drake

2.) Jeff Bridges as Max Payne

1.) Vladimir Mashkov as Niko Bellic


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