Sunday, July 25, 2010

Martial empires GAME REVIEW

Subject: Martial empires
Genre: Fantasy
Status: Open Beta
Dev: CR-Space
Pub: gamigo
Fee: Free
Area: EU
Asian themed game launched by Gamigo is spectacular game that surely has the quality to compete with other high-end games launched in the market.  Martial empire was inspired with an Asian touch in which will be close-to-the-heart by many Asian hardcore gamers.

The main strength of the game comes in package where players will truly enjoy. 
***Graphics - having a high end graphics is truly remarkable and from my point of view it can be closely related to the well-known games, graphically wise, it can be compared to Aion, Aika, World of Warcraft and etc.
-Splattering blood coming from the monster while my character is whacking it, makes it superb
-Anger mode/ rage creates adrenalin rush on the player that I truly enjoy while playing
-The sway of grass, plants, trees and characters hair is good
RATE: 9/10

***User Interface – as a starter in the game, as I observed the overall user interface is newbie friendly and user friendly.

***Quests are newbie friendly, from level 1-5 you will be given a very easy quest task with waypoints provided.  And I enjoyed the trailer-like system on other quest that shows the story behind a quest.

***Gauges give a quick knowledge for the players on what do their character needs. HP bar, MP bar, EXP bar and other bars are easily seen by the players.  Overall interface can truly give an interest upon seeing it.
RATE: 10/10

***Controls - quick access on all the action button/ keys.  Like other MMORPG game it was provided on the same action spots where players will be familiar with, except the few buttons placed on other keys, like for example the skill button “V” that on other games “K” is used.  And from the stand point of a first time gamer, I always forgot where skill key was placed.
RATE: 8/10

***Maps – Easy access on the world map in which label was placed on the right spots to get the exact location of the NPC or a site.  Using “< or ,” key gives another version of the map where you can set it like see-through map and use it in case you need to keep your eye on the map.  Though in some point it was confusing but on the other side, it is helpful.
RATE: 9/10

***Others – The new feature makes the whole game unique from others, where the new set of skills in different. I am sure that if maintained well, this game will hit the top spot in gaming industry.
RATE: 9/10


From the experience on playing the game, from its nature of having a high rated graphics, playing it with high definition gives you a laggy experience whenever you let your character walk or do actions.  “It’s a must” for players to upgrade their pc especially the video card if they wanted to play this game in full settings, but on the other side you can still set the options to low in which players with low specs pc will be able to play this game.  Setting the graphics to full/ maximum resolution makes you see things unusual like floating name, missing body parts of a character, floating monsters etc etc but that accounts on the player’s pc specs
The action keys have something that I used to forget where some of the right keys are placed as a starter but you’ll get used to the key placing on the latter part.

  • No pet system
  • No mounts
  • Classes are Gender Locked
  • Only 3 Classes available 
  • game is laggy when settings is set to high
  • banned ips from US and Asia
  • always failing to connect
  • powerleveler ingame spammer


From the game test that I have made on Martial Empires, I conclude that the game has a potential to be included on the top gaming list of online games out in the market.  The uniqueness of the gameplay makes the whole game competitive to survive the growing technology of online gaming, with the combination of a good and high end Graphical emphasis on the models of the game and together with the effects, it creates a potential high rated game to be enjoyed by the hardcore gamers.
Setting makes the game accessible by those who have lower specs as the minimum requires, option is available to be suited on your “not so high” pc specs



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