Monday, August 2, 2010

Child Dies because of MMORPG addict parents

Child Dies because of MMORPG addict parents


South Korea, parents addicted to an mmorpg called PRIUS,  raised an online avatar “baby” in the game, which they played up to 12 hours a day.

The couple would leave to play the mmorpg at internet cafes, while their three month old daughter was left at home alone.

Cops say the couple had become obsessed with living online and neglected their real lives.

After a long gaming session, the childs parents , dad Kim Yoo-chul, 41, and mum Choi Mi-sun 25 came home to find their daughter dead. The couple quickly called the cops and thought up of a less then elaborate excuse;

“We found she had passed away when we woke up in the morning.”

The cops became suspicious when they saw the body of the child, the child appeared to be dehydrated; police suspicions where later confirmed when an autopsy on the girl had be done, the cause of death was concluded as such;

“She appears to have starved to death because she was not fed for such a long period of time.”

Cops tried to arrest the parents, but they disappeared after the baby’s funeral.

They caught up with them on Tuesday and they have since been charged with child abuse and neglect.

 The parents told cops after their arrest: “Due to our sense of guilt, we have not been to a PC gaming room over these five months.”

It is thought the couple met in 2008 on an internet chat site.

Do you think the punishment is light?


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