Monday, August 30, 2010

how will you feel loosing all your items and cash ?

I would like to know if how will you feel loosing all your items and cash while having a battle??
what will you feel and how will you react..

sharing my experience in Uncharted waters online lately
i was sailing on may way to go to the port of Genova where i met a pack of ships which belongs to pirates (well, by that time, i didnt know that the ship belongs to them, one the the ship attacked my ship, so as a human instinct being attacked by strangers, youll attack back. and that's what i did, but to my surprise, the other 2 ships prevent me from attacking and they just ransacked my ship. The problem is, the pirates didnt gave me/or leave me a small amount of capital where i can start again my new life. its sad to think that ill be starting to gather items and cash to recover from my failure.

oh guys share your experiences with connection with this subject..

thank you for reading..


Jane said...

Sorry to hear, did you check whether you had insurance?

(At the beginning of the game, during the "Helpers" tour, they suggest insurance at the bank helper part and when I went to get some I found the "lowest grade" already preassigned to me, perhaps as a reward for the helper tour)

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