Saturday, August 28, 2010

UWO vs. Other same genre games

well first of all, i would like to remind all of the readers that this article is not about UWO is better than others etc etc, i made this thread to see the competence level of Uncharted waters online among the games out in the market with the same game genre.  I am not bias on my reviews, in fact i used to create a game review on the most of the game that i tried.  After wards, its up to me if i decided to continue the game or not.

First and foremost, before starting the comparison part i would like to first introduce all of you on the game where i am in now, Uncharted Waters Online is a SNES game or a console game on SNES, its a strategic, adventure type of game where you go for some discoveries with your character.  Its time frame is based on 17th - 18th century, the characters and background and even its music is based on that time.  

As a PC game,  i might say that Uncharted waters online can be a competitive game on his genre and even can stand out on other game, though  its an old game as you see, the game has a decent graphics.  I have seen various of game with the same genre, some are only themed as a pirate games like ********* (put name of game) that is just a pure grinding and monster killings, UWO give a much different environment where you can be like a adventurer in real life, you can battle with ship at sea and battle with pirate at land..

ill just cut the comparison here, and i just wanted you to try the game to see it yourself

bye for now ^^


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