Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Uncharted Waters Online: My CBT Experience

Uncharted Waters Online: My CBT Experience

Recently netmarble releases a new and much awaited game, Uncharted Waters Online.  I was so excited about this CBT moment.  Since i already played the game before on SNES.  Uncharted waters online came from the popular game on SNES which has the same game title.

First impression about he game having a decent graphics, actually i thougt the whole game will be come same graphics as what other games with the same genre have.  Character selection is kinda funny because of the display characters you will choose from, why is it funny? try to change your characters hair, color, etc and you will notice all of the crew looks like your character. 

UI is somehow hard to understand and hard to find, all thoughout the game in finding my quest i always have to pass all the buttons above. Quest is easy to understand but there are some instance that the description on the quest tab is confusing.

Actually im excited how the battle on sea would be, navigating the ship is kinda hard for newbie.  First time sailing is hard, you have to loosen your sail to let your ship run..and changing directions is hard really. 
another thing, allan is kinda annoying..  He lets me walk ALWAYS! then i found out than Allan is also on another country.. T_T

Total Verdict:
Totally the game is awesome, graphics is decent and quest is good, but there are somw flaws at first but you get used to it later on..


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