Friday, August 20, 2010

First Impression on Tales of Pirates

First Impression on Tales of Pirates

It’s quite impressing for a game to have a 2 diversities of gameplay from land battle to sea battle, its quite closely similar to a pirate game but a little bit of twist of a cartoonist pirates.  From the tittle itself I thought it was an adult pirate game
From the start of the game when I played the game only have 1 server to choose from, classes is gender locked together with its job.  Starting a character is quite impressive after choosing class you can choose what town yo can start in, you can choose from those 3 I just forgot the name of it, not just like the other game where you will be trashed on the town where you actually don’t like
User interface is quite impressive, combat is very easy for a newbie and fast experience rate but 1  thing I notice some of the translations are translated poorly
Over all: I like the concept of the game but from the tales of pirates 1, tales of pirates 2 must be totally renovated.. Its quite disappointing coz the whole tales of pirates 2 is like an expansion of tales of pirate 1, they only upgraded the graphics actually, all things are the same


Anonymous said...

this game sux

Anonymous said...

blah blah lame review
I bet you've never really played this game.

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