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UWO "Helper" Quest Guide, easy basic Items and Ducats/Gold.

UWO "Helper" Quest Guide, easy basic Items and Ducats/Gold.

Guide for Beginners.

Talk to the maritime GM to get the following items, and you'll be transported to the school.

Now we start the Helper Quest Guide.

Talk to the Helper in the SChool near the receptionist.

Keep on clicking the "Talk to" icon to the following helpers listed below. Until you have received the reward items. Then continue to talk to the helper , they will tell you where to go next.

*You must do it in order.
*You can identify the areas by pointing your cursor/mouse pointer.
*To locate the map easily press ctrl+G
*Click on the icons and your character will automatically go to the location.

You will get the following rewards from the helpers.
Helper School:
Assorted Fruits 10pcs.

Helper Market:
Peanuts 20pcs.

Item shop helper:
Landmark Ribbons 3pcs.

Quadrant 1pc.

Sober 3pcs.

50,000 Ducats/Gold

Administration Office.
No.10 Tickets 5pcs.

Palace/Royal Casle:

Aromatic Oil

Carpentry Tools

Barrel of diversion

Port Harbour:
Cease Fire

That is the end of our Journey from helper quest, overall you will have the following items and total of 100,000 Ducats/Gold.

Afterwards, Proceed again to the school to continue on your noob lessons ok?

If you have any questions feel free to reply on my thread.

Thank you and Have a nice Day!


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