Friday, April 21, 2017

Ragnarok Journey: Q & A

Since I am very interested about the game, I asked a favor from one of my first to answer these questions before trying the  game.  So here is it!

A. What are your expectations on playing the game as your current job class and level.
I didn't expect that Merchant Class in Ragnarok Journey would be that good. I expect that its only job is to vend and craft items for you main. Having that said, Merchant class is like having a knight class because of his balance defense and damage. Having a good amount of damage in tha game makes your grinding faster! Actually my newly created Merchant almost got close to my Assassin class unexpectedly but the Job Level of my Merchant is 46(understandable) due to Job Exp grinding mechanics in-game.

B. Explain the pros and cons of your job class.
-High Damage Output
-High Defense
-High Hit Points.
-Good Amount of AoE skills.
-Great Self Buffs.
-Can Solo Raid well.

-Slow attack speed.
-Low Magic Defense
-Low Percentage of Critical Damage and chances.

C. How do you plan to proceed in this part of the game.
I am looking forward to be a Blacksmith! Now I don't expect the typical Blacksmith in iRO. Looking at the skill tree of Blacksmith I can see tons of AoE and Single Target skill which is very good at Boss and Dungeon Raids. Dungeon and Boss raids is the essential of the game where the recipes of the items you need will be dropped there. Which mean higher chance of good equipment. Having a good equipment means you can farm faster, grind faster, finish Boss Hunt faster.

D. Things to improve in the game.
Job Exp grinding is very hard if you don't have the Job Training Dungeon. Grinding in the Job Training Dungeon is very helpful to the players but you can only enter it 5 times a day which means you need to login everyday to grind your job exp faster. Leveling is a lot faster in the game but buying good items need diamond instead of zeny which means you need to hunt cards, elu, ori, and other useful stuff. Hunting those stuff can get you free diamonds in-game but you need to farm tons of it before you can buy something useful in-game. Hunting for recipes is a must also, because it can only be dropped at Boss Hunt.


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