Friday, April 7, 2017

Ragnarok: Close to reality

Wandering through facebook, I think this proves that the recent post of Ragnarok Philippines regarding the comeback of the server is true.  And it is no April fool’s joke, in fact, investigating through the post yesterday, I have noticed 3 points that the rumor is true:

1.       Lower left of the image (corner) shows gravity logo
2.       Lower right of the image (corner) electronics extreme
Based on my research, electronics extreme is an Asian company which publish several games commonly in Asia. 
3.       Lastly the upper right part which shows the word ELITE with logo.  I am not sure what is it and searching through the net gives tons of meaning of elite.  Though this gives me an idea that since 2 company names were visible on the image, this means it is another company.

So, if whether or not Ragnarok Philippines will launch its Philippine server, 1 thing is for sure, it’ll be awesome!


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