Monday, June 21, 2010

Just came back from a long sleep!!

Feels like i just took a long period of sleep when i got my @ss into blogging again..
why mashedtomato?
why mashedtomato?
why mashedtomato?

just feels to do so, no other words came up with me so since im eating a mashed potato, just to make in a little unique i just made mashed tomato as my title.. and since mashed sounds like squeezing and juicing, its like closely related on having a cup of word for the soul and mind. Tomato rich in vitamins...mash + tomato = a juicy vitamins for your additional knowledge...

Its funny but guess what when i searched on the net regarding tomato games, i found some funny tomato stuffs.

Its funny coz its for sale...
Price: $19.99

as my memory flashed back, i remember playing this game when i was 5 yrs old i think..but not clear i just remembered some of things like that freaking tomato...

Princess Tomato Games

Written by Tom on 21 May 2010

Tomato games tomato games where are all the tomato games. Here is a real tomato game at least for the computer lovers of the tomato world. Also check out the next generation of 3D smileys. These are just awesome!

Playing Online game is my passion, or lets call it "my Hobby" so mostly all you will see on my blog is about random stuffs about online games that i have played and i have read..


Anonymous said...

Oh that is awesome. You know its nice to see your passion and hobby continue to drive you. :) On another side note....the costume is just so adorable too hehe x]

Jon said...

I like your post, awesome stuff. I'm doing a similar thing on

Jon said...

P.S: your verification thing is a pain LOL, Tab FTW

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