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OBT FAQ by GM_Gama

OBT FAQ by GM_Gama

by Uncharted Waters Online on Friday, September 24, 2010 at 9:31am
Greetings UWO Fans,

For more details about Open Beta Test, please refer to the below.
Q When is the UWO's OBT and its Official Launch?
Open Beta Test: October 1st 2010.
Official Launch: October 7th 2010.

Q Will the server be wiped out after the Open Beta Test?
Once the OBT starts, there will be no server wipe out.

Q: Is the game going to be free once the Open Beta Test is over?
UWO is a Free-to-play game with an item mall.

Q: What are the cash items going to be like in the item mall?
Basically, all game features are available for free.This is the policy of TECMO KOEI and Netmarble.
Cash items will help to boost up players' progression in the game.

Q: What is the role of TECMO KOEI and Netmarble?
 TECMO KOEI is the developer of UWO and continually updating it.
Netmarble is a publisher which provides game service.

Q: Are there countries that will be restricted from playing UWO?
As announced before, countries who do not belong to territorial agreement, will be prohibited from accessing the game.

Q: Do I need a new game client for Open Beta Testing?
A new client is required. This would be the last time to receive the full version of the game client.After this, players will only have to download smaller patches for updates.

Q: How is the Global server different from the existing UWO servers?
Many things differ between this and the other servers (Opened area, UI, and more).
Adequate updates will also be made according to the rate of server growth and consumption of the contents.

Q: What is Netmarble's position for multi-client players?
One(1) account will be allowed for One(1) PC. Any attempt to run multi-clients will be restricted firmly by technical and operational methods. Further details are kept confidential for security reasons.

Q: Item Prizes from Level-Up event will be given to which character?
Once players create a character within a given time, prize items will be inserted.* If two characters exist in one account, items will be inserted to the character with the higher level.* If they are at the same level, items will be inserted to a character that was created earlier.

Q: Is there an expiration date for Event NCs from CBT events?CBT event prize NC has an expiration date.NC will be valid until end of this year, Dec 31st 2010.We recommend everyone to use these items before the said date.

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