Thursday, December 8, 2011

Got Seduced in DarkEden

After DarkEden was introduced
I was like “OMG, I got seduced by a sexy girl monster in DarEden
I was on my way inside Caligo Dungeon when a boss cursed me with a skill called “Seduction” and bashed  my character to death. Now im level 87 and all I do is grind, I think I can call this a day. It was like 5 hours ago I started a character from a scratch.

5 hours ago before Darkeden was introduced
I really don’t have any idea about what DarkEden is, it was introduced by my friend. I called up Mr. Google and ask him about what DarkEden is, he replied;

DarkEden is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing computer game in isometric projection or 3/4 perspective to be published by a well known game publishing company, Ignited Games. The game has a horror theme based on a war between humans (Slayers), vampires and Ousters in a region called Helea located in a fictional country of Eastern Europe known as Eslania”

A vampire themed MMORPG? Quite interesting. I clicked on the official site of Ignited Games and searched for DarkEden. And saw this Announcement

Greetings Heleans,
Closed Beta 2 is set to begin on November 30 at 6PM (PST)
Closed Beta 2 features:
*The Mega Giveaway event!
*A brand new start to rebuild and conquer your vampire empire!
*No Wipe after Closed Beta 2! (to be announced)
*And much more!
If you are a Closed Beta 1 tester, you don’t need a new beta key but you need to download the new game client to play DarkEden Closed Beta 2. But if you are keyless and want to participate in the Closed Beta 2 of DarkEden, simply follow the steps below!

How to obtain and activate a beta key!
STEP 1: Like DarkEden Facebook!
STEP 2: Send an email to!
STEP 3: Our active DarkEden team will reply you a beta key!
STEP 4: Click here to activate your beta key!

[MUST READ] Closed Beta 1 testers!
STEP 1: Must uninstall the Closed Beta 1 client!
STEP 2: Download and install the Closed Beta 2 client (click here)!
STEP 3: Enjoy and play the game!

We anticipate an even larger Helean population participating in the second phase of Closed Beta. We would like to give our thanks in advance to those joining us in our quest to take DarkEden to new heights. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy yourself in the blood-soaked lands of DarkEden.
For more info. please visit our official website
The DarkEden Team

Am I late for the CBT 2? I tried to registered on Ignited Games site for DarkEden, and guess what? I successfully registered an account. I am ready to play!
And upon playing the game, I build up things on my mind


Darkeden is a hack-and-slash game, which requires the players to kill hordes of monsters in order to make their character progress.

This character progression varies according to the different races. Slayers only have to attack a monster or player to gain experience points. Vampires need to kill a monster or player and drink its blood to gain the full extent of the experience points available. Ousters just have to kill to gain these points. For the same monster, ousters gain more experience points out of them than vampires do even when drinking their blood.

This is an aspect of the balanced system present in the game between the races having each a special advantage: the slayers sell the heads and skulls of monsters (one of the ways to make money in the game) at the highest prices to npc, the vampires drop the best items out of the 3 races, and the ousters get experience points the quickest.

Darkeden is oriented toward player versus player. Except for few safe zones, players can be attacked without any restriction at any moment by other players.

There are three different time periods that regulate the battles in Helea. The first period takes place between 9h and 16h59 which is called day time or full day. During that period, vampires are at their weakest and slayers and ousters have the upper hand on them. The second time period happens between 21h and 4h59 which is night time or full night. It is during that lapse of time that vampires are the most efficient and cause the most damage to their preys. Finally, the periods comprised between 5h - 8h59 and 17h - 20h59 are the transition time during which slayers, ousters and vampires fight on the same ground.
This system offers a very balanced game-play as a vampire can be completely annihilated by day time by a said slayer while when night time comes, this same vampire could dispose of him or her pretty easily (granted they are in the same range of levels). This time effect doesn't concern ousters vs slayers fights but it does with monsters that are considered "vampires".

Players may change the race of their character during their progression. If a human is bitten by a vampire, they will turn into a vampire unless they cure themselves in time. Vampire characters can choose to turn humans by talking to an NPC who will do the work for them.


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