Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rosh Online

Rosh Online is a remake of Karos online a 3D fantasy action MMORPG set in the gorgeously designed, war-torn world of Asmara.  One of the games' most defining features are its varied PvP options, decent/gorgeous graphics, and the unique Fletta progression system which compliments the traditional leveling system. Those looking for a top-notch fantasy MMORPG should look no further; Rosh Online is well worth checking out.

Rosh online has a stunning graphics which is one of the game asset,  lined up with the best hi end graphic game currently in the market
Rosh online offers 4 playable races - Human, Shadow, Seroine and Vaneese
Human,just like other game description.  we all know what human looks like
Shadow, they are the game’s equivalent to dark elfs. 
Seroines, is just a renamed version of the classical light elfs – pointy ears, unique hair color, love for nature..
Vaneese, has a dwarf looks which looks like Kardel if you are playing Dota, except vaneese looks fat and kinda line-eyed character

From left-right:
Mystic, Blader, Bowmistress, Paladin (behind of bowmistress), Gunner, Rogue, Sorceress

Rosh has a limited customization choices for race, class and  gender.  Male is only available on Blader, Rogue and Gunner while Female is exclusively available on Paladin, sorceress, bowmistress and mystic.  So you have no other choice if you wanted to create a Female blader, should be male

1st timer
As a first timer, i found it hard to wait for the loading screen.  its hard when you have a crappy net connection.

as i landed on the character screen selection upon creation, im having fun mouse overring those characters, but reaction of Blader and Rogue looks gay when you mouse over it..LOL
i love mouseoverring Mystics.. LOL
kidding aside, i choose gunner

Game play
game play is quite the same as other hack and slash MMORPG.  With this kind of gameplay, i would recommend to have a quest aside while grinding.  Quest will give additional experience to your character aside from griding, and in this way experience will be boosted.

this review will continue as i go far in for now this is it


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